Mindful Therapy and Coaching Brand

March 1, 2022

Brand reveal for a mindful therapy and coaching brand ready to expand their business.

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Time for the brand reveal of Jennifer Brindley, LLC: Mindful Therapy and Coaching. This project was so much fun and such an honor to bring to life. Jennifer is a therapist in Boston with her own private practice. In addition to therapy, she wanted to shift into broader forms of coaching, as well as passive income streams.

The funny thing is that Jen wasn’t even thinking about branding when she contacted me. We were talking about the future vision of her business and I started to share the power of brand strategy. I shared how brand strategy can set your business up for sustainable growth, trust with your clients, and professionalism long-term.

About the Brand

Jen knew she wanted to come across as a cohesive, trustworthy business as she grew. She decided to invest in branding and hired me to bring the next direction of her business to life.

Welcome the brand reveal for Jennifer Brindley, LLC: Mindful Therapy and Coaching.

Jen’s work as a mindfulness-based therapist gives her clients the intention, care, and non-judgmental space to reclaim their power and autonomy. I know Jennifer is going to make powerful changes in her clients lives with this next chapter in her business.

Meaning of the Colors for this Mindful Therapy and Coaching Brand

When designing the new brand for Jennifer Brindley, LLC, I wanted to convey her grounded, peaceful, and practical approach to therapy. This led to defining her brand as a Fall season with a color palette inspired by nature. You can find your brand’s season by taking the free quiz here.

The green represents the growth and evolution her clients will experience. The brown represents the rooted, grounded, and trustworthy guidance Jennifer provides as a therapist and coach.

Meaning of the Logo

I illustrated a eucalyptus leaf for Jennifer Brindley LLC’s logo and icon. The eucalyptus tree sheds its bark every year to get rid of old parasites and layers which makes space for healthier bark.

I chose to use this as the symbolic image for Jennifer Brindley, LLC’s logo. This represents the transformations her clients will go through as they shed old versions of themselves and step into who they are meant to be with confidence, autonomy, and trust.

Branding the Youtube Channel

In addition to her private practice, Jennifer also has a Youtube Channel. There, she shares guided mindfulness tips and exercises to calm anxiety and build trust in yourself.

This brand project included creating a branded Youtube thumbnail that Jennifer can customize for each new episode she publishes to her channel.

Jennifer’s Youtube Channel before working with me to brand her business:

Jennifer’s Youtube Channel after working with me to brand her business:

Youtube channel for Mindful Therapy and Coaching Brand

To see more of Jennifer Brindley, LLC’s brand visit my portfolio. You can learn more about Jennifer’s work as a therapist and coach on her Youtube channel.

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