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April 5, 2022

Are you ready to make more time to make your art? Dive into this Time Management for Creatives class.

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Does time management for creatives feel totally unapproachable and confusing? Do you feel like¬†you’re just too busy to make¬†your art?¬†Does it feel like everything in your schedule takes over and you have no time left for your creative practice?

I totally hear you!

That’s why I’ve created this class, Time Management for Creatives, to help you easily implement simple time management tools to¬†make¬†more space in your schedule¬†for your art, creative practice, or to build your creative business.

See, I had to implement many time management skills and tools as an illustrator who spent the first 3.5 years of my business working a multitude of jobs while also carving out time to make my art and take my business full time.

Check out just a handful of the jobs I had while building my creative biz:

time management for creatives
time management for creatives

Now, I’m so¬†stoked¬†to share all that¬†I’ve learned (and still practice!) with you in this class where you’ll learn¬†my best time management tips for creatives so you can make more time to make your art.

This class is for you if:

  • you’re working one, two, or three other jobs¬†while trying to build your creative business
  • you’re an artist who is balancing many responsibilities and¬†want more time for your¬†practice
  • you feel like you have¬†little to no time¬†for your creative practice
  • you think time management is¬†too difficult
  • you think time management is¬†boring
  • you think scheduling will¬†cramp your creative style¬†
  • you have so many ideas inside, asking to be created, and¬†all you need is more time

In This Time Management for Creatives Class, You’ll Learn How to:

  • Uncover your why
  • Set boundaries – and stick to them!
  • Block your schedule
  • Make traction on your dream – one step at a time
  • Celebrate every step – big and small!
  • Set annual goals
  • Set monthly goals
  • Set weekly goals
  • Set daily goals
  • Reach your goals!

You’ll Walk Away From This Time Management Class With:

  • A clear approach to schedule time for your art (no matter how busy you are!)
  • A variety of effective time management tools¬†for you¬†to practice
  • A renewed sense of focus and energy for your creative practice
  • A heightened sense of value for your art and/or creative business (the world needs your art!)
  • Time Management skills that can be applied to creative project management
  • A scheduling template that you can use as your planner!

Watch the Trailer:

Ready to dive in?

Take the class here:

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