It All Began With A Lie.

"I'm not creative."

Every time I heard a student say this during my Intro to Drawing class, my heart crumbled a little bit. 

I get it. You might be told at some point that you are not creative, that your big ideas don't "make sense," that it will be too tough to forge your own path.

Well, listen up.

It's not true.

When I fully started to embrace my creative journey, I saw that my work could provide joy, inspiration, and hope. I saw how a drawing could remind someone of their connection to the natural world. I saw how a student could rediscover their creative power. I saw just how powerful, and necessary, creativity is each day. 

My mission is to help fellow creatives, (like you!) bring your vision to life. Iā€™m here to guide you to unleash the creativity you already hold, to share your vision with the world. 

My guess is that your creative calling keeps knocking on your door, asking you to share it (what an honor!). No matter how many times you've tried to turn it away, to say it's "not practical," to do something a bit more conventional, your creative calling keeps coming back.


Local food, the smell of old books, pressing pause, a nap in a hammock, freshly baked bread.

I'm obsessed with:

Seasonal food, cookbooks, coffee, the color terracotta, "Higher Love" by Kygo/Whitney Houston.


Creating custom illustrations for clients in my studio, drawing on a farm, browsing the local library.

daily rituals:

Reading a book, studio dance breaks, a trail run, home-cooked meals, and gooood coffee (Pour Vida, anyone?)

That's where I come in! I'm your trusty guide, and friendly sidekick, to walk the creative wilderness with you and help you bring your big vision to life. 

If we were having coffee together, I'd tell ya,





so many tomatoes


Taproot Magazine

sourdough bread



the chicks

My Favorite Things

Coffee. I've been perfecting my at-home coffee game. Nothin' like a fresh cup to start the morning!

my happy place!

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The Farm! It's my zone of creativity where I sketch (and munch!) nature's beauty and bounty.

Food. I don't think I'll ever get over the beauty of local, seasonal produce.The colors of an heirloom tomato, the cross-section of a carrot, the stem of rainbow chard? Magic. 

My Favorite Things

Getting to know you! For real. Pull up a seat at the table. I can't wait to hear all of your creative ideas!

true love?

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Dark Chocolate. With sea salt, with toffee, with raspberries. Yup. Yes.

Swimming! There is nothing like a dip in the cool river to refresh my mind and bring in new creative ideas.

This      That







Topo Chico




night owl


road trips


La Croix

Where I stand on the fun stuff. 
Agree / disagree? 

You can go with:

Recipient of National Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award
The President's Committee on the Arts & Humanities show in Washington D.C.
B.A. with Distinction in Studio Art & Art History from St. Olaf College

The Details

New York City, Minneapolis, New Jersey, Washington D.C., & Santa Fe, NM


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Gallery Shows:


Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe Community College, & Skillshare
Illustrators for Hire,
a Curated Global List of Illustrators
Molly Yeh, Taproot Mag, Food Network, Cloud9 Fabrics,
& You!
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Slate Art Consulting, & Creative Startups


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Past Clients:

Dream Clients:

"Liz, as a person, is creative and delightful to work with."

so they say:

-Fallon Bader
The Sprouting Kitchen

let's work together

I can't wait to hear about your creative vision and work together to make it come to life. 

did we just become best friends?