Define Your Brand Strategy with the Seasons

January 25, 2022

Every brand has a season. What’s yours? Let’s find out.

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When you’re building your brand, one way to define your brand strategy is with the seasons. Each season carries a distinct personality, set of values, and unique aesthetic to reflect and guide how your brand shows up in the world, who you serve, and what you stand for.

With every brand project at Prints & Plants, we take design inspiration from nature and use the seasons to define your brand strategy. By clarifying your brand season at the very beginning of the project, we are able to create a visual aesthetic that speaks directly to your ideal customer and clearly communicates your value in the market.

Curious to know what season your brand is? Check out the overview of each season below to see which one best describes your biz, and be sure to take the free Brand Season Quiz to get the most accurate results!

Get to Know the Brand Seasons

The Spring Brand


A Spring brand is fun, youthful, creative, and inspirational. Spring brands are incredibly approachable and clear communicators. 

If you are a Spring brand, you value transparency, optimism, forward-thinking, and simplicity. A Spring brand gives off a bubbly energy that is contagious to anyone who interacts with them. A Spring brand encourages people to think positively and see the joyful side of life.

Examples of Spring Brand Values:




Color Palette:

Bright & Vibrant (like turquoise and sunflower yellow)

Example of a Spring Brand:

Soleil Kids’ Apparel is an example of a Spring Brand designed by Liz Brindley at Prints & Plants.
(Soleil is a fictitious brand I created to show an example of a Spring brand,
but dang do I wish they were real so I could gift those cute kids clothes!).

The Summer Brand


A Summer brand is elegant, romantic, graceful, and chic. Summer brands are organized, logical, and have an eye for detail.

If you are a Summer brand, you value structure, order, and processes that provide a quality experience and product for your customer. Your brand gives off a grounded, supportive, and responsible vibe that makes your customers feel at ease and in full trust of your product. 

Examples of Summer Brand Values:




Color Palette:

Delicate & Calm (like lavender, pale pink, and rich navy)

Example of a Summer Brand:

Ceramic House is an example of a Summer Brand designed by Liz Brindley at Prints & Plants.

(Soleil is a fictitious brand I created to show an example of a Summer brand.
Their mission is to empower women to
feel at home in their houses and in themselves through intentional, sustainable ceramic goods.

The Fall Brand


The Fall brand is warm, friendly, and passionate. Fall brands are highly independent, advocates for justice, and have a deep respect for the natural world.

If you are a Fall brand, you love tradition and pride yourself on your ambitious, focused, authentic personality. You are a brand of deep integrity, and as the owner of this biz, you may also be a collector of vintage paraphernalia like old books, vintage records, or family heirlooms.

Examples of Fall Brand Values:




Color Palette:

Warm & Muted (like burnt orange and pale yellow)

Example of a Fall Brand:

Arthur Cottam Horseshoes is an example of a Fall Brand designed by Tonik Studio.

The Winter Brand


A Winter brand is cutting-edge, luxurious, and dynamic. Winter brands are strong, focused, and lavish.

If you are a Winter brand, you value glamor, luxurious quality, and expertise. Your brand gives off a high-end, opulent, and unfussy vibe that is grounded, clear, and reliable.

Examples of Winter Brand Values:




Color Palette:

Strong & Clear (like gold, stark black, stark white)

Example of a Winter Brand:

Olivine is an example of a Winter Brand designed by We Are Branch.

Ready to discover your brand season?

Take the free Brand Season Quiz!

Brand Seasons are a concept from Fiona Humberstone’s book, How to Style Your Brand.

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