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How to Enjoy Your Creative Process Again

August 9, 2022

If you’re feeling stuck with your creative process, this class is for you.

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Do you feel burned out and uncertain of how to enjoy your creative process, again? Does it feel like you have totally plateaued with your creative practice and just can’t drop into your flow state? Do you feel like you just aren’t making forward traction or gaining forward momentum?

If so, it’s time to visit Process Plateau on your creative journey.

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When You Feel Stuck on Your Creative Journey

It is totally normal to feel stuck in your creative process and on your creative journey. You may feel like you have no inspiration, no forward momentum, and no energy to keep moving forward. You may feel like nothing is happening.

But what if you take one more step? What if everything is happening beneath the surface and you just can’t see it yet?

Feeling stuck is a season of creativity, and it will pass. That’s why today, I’m sharing my main tips to get unstuck on your creative journey in this class so you can enjoy your creative process again.

creative drawing to show how to enjoy your process again

Tips for How to Enjoy Your Creative Process, Again

In this class in the “Navigate the Creative Wilderness” series, “Tips to Regain Momentum with Your Process,” you will learn actionable tips to find energy, motivation, and renewed confidence in your creative process when you feel stuck, lost, or just plain bored with your practice.

These tips will help you move forward across Process Plateau to find more ease, confidence, and trust in your unique creative path.

In This Class in the Creative Wilderness, You’ll Learn How to Enjoy your creative process, again.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Identify when you’ve reached Process Plateau on your journey.
  • Reignite motivation when you feel bored with your creative process.
  • Implement tips to gain momentum when you feel like your creative practice has plateaued.
  • Create energy to keep moving forward with your creative work.
  • Use Process Plateau to cultivate more confidence, joy, exploration, and authenticity in your creative work.

You’ll Walk Away From This Class Knowing How to:

  • Recognize when you’ve plateaued in your creative practice.
  • Regain momentum when you feel bored with your creative process.
  • Move beyond feeling bored with your practice and move forward on your creative journey.
  • Understand the value of Process Plateau, and how to use it to your benefit on your creative journey.

Check Out the Class Trailer:

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